Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get that funky groove.....

So, is Dennis Lee the same person who's now a DJ on Q106.5 in Baton Rouge?

Someone who identified himself as Tarik Thornton [who I believe is a friend of Larry Grogan's] reported as much in a comment on this piece by Dan Phillips over at The Home Of The Groove. Problem is [and was] that the link Thornton provided didn't work.....and since I was away on business during Ponderosa Stomp in 2010, I have no idea what, if anything, was presented by Mr. Thornton at that time as proof.

Yeah well, I could def hunt up Mr. Lee myself but as lame as it sounds I don't actually believe I have the right to bother people simply because I want information. And believe me, I learned that lesson the hard way. Ya know, some folks simply do not want to talk about the past for good reason, and I totally respect that. In short, a journalist, I am not.

Still, the question remains since basically nothing is known [by me] about Dennis Lee & The Notables. However, I have to say that 'Baton Rouge' does make a great deal of sense.

And in the mean time.....I just so happen to have a very nice copy of the group's best known record.

Hope ya'll enjoy........Pt.1 and Pt.2


  1. This is great! Thanks. -- Jon

  2. Hey, ana, guess I forgot to update that old post. I got hold of an email address for Dennis Lee through the website of the station in BR and asked him he was the same guy who did this single. To which he replied only, "yes". I wrote him back asking if he'd like to talk about the record for the blog, and never heard another word from him. So it goes....

    1. Thanks for the update Dan.

      I had a feeling Mr. Lee might not want to talk. The man has virtually no promotional presence online. The station itself only provides a link to his myspace page, which includes only one small picture with no personal info at all.

      Actually quite strange for a DJ.