Monday, February 27, 2012

Every time I see you girl....

I was all set to post the other side of this 45 [one of the truly great examples of quasi-suicidal soul], but decided that I'd rather hear something more upbeat. Luckily, the b-side fit the bill very nicely.

This is off Raymond Winnfield's only known 45. It's also one of only two records on which Ernie and The Top Notes played [back in the day]. Ernie Vincent is of course still performing, still recording, with a re-formed version of the Top Notes which sounds almost exactly like the old band.

Here's a very interesting interview with Vincent where he talks a bit about how Winnfield came to do the record. As you'll also read in the piece, this tune [along with the others] were recorded without the band's regular drummer. A good thing from the sound of it, as to my mind Peter "Rooster" adds a totally indispensable taste of New Orleans style drumming to the whole project.

Hope ya'll enjoy the tune even though the copy is far from mint. It's a very tough 45 to find. I'm lucky to own a copy at all........

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