Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It might happy, it might be sad....



  1. Hi Ana. It's been way too long since I dropped you a line. Apologies. You continue to delight with these 'never-heard-before' gems. I'm a big Huey Smith fan - got his 3 Ace CDs, Pitter Pats LP & anything else I've been able to scrounge - but I've NEVER heard this one. (I still haven't, but I know I'm going to love it)

    Congrats on the new bub. If you can time-manage the bub, the blog, & still keep an eye on the record market in these early months, you truly are a wonder-woman. But please, DO look after yourself (sleep, nutrition, excercise...).

    Thank you. Mick from Australia

    (PS - any more hidden gems from Minit or Instant on the horizon?)

  2. Thank you for the nice note Michael.

    There are still Huey Smith records I've never heard, and in general there always more records to dig up in New Orleans....just depends on how deep you want to go and high your tolerance is for obscurity.

    I'm hoping to get to Domino Sound in the next few weeks. I actually haven't been to a shop since last October, thus the recent buys on Ebay. But ya know, even if I never bought another 45 I could probably keep this blog going in fairly high style for another 5 years.

    Again, thanks for the note....and yeah, I'm def taking care of myself. I'm just stuck at a lower level of general activity than I would like and it's making me cranky. If there's one drug I'm addicted to, it's being and feeling effective.

  3. The other side of this 45 is pretty darn good too!