Sunday, March 20, 2011

Went down to St. James Infirmary...

This is the first label pressing of a record that was re-issued on Duke in 1964.

Frankie Lee [not to be confused with Frankie Lee Sims] is one of the greatest blues singers to have ever come out of Texas. He only recorded 5 singles up until he put out an album in 1984, even though his cousin was Johnny Guitar Watson, even though one of his best friends was Albert Collins, even though he sang for a time with Ike Turner's crew.

Seriously under-recorded back in the day. Other than that, all I've got to say is: Holy Mary Mother of God, what a voice!!! Besides giving the record a listen, check out the video clip below for an extra dose of the chills. About 1:30 in, the-man-cuts-loose.

I think all five of Frankie Lee's more recent albums are still available. And ya know what? They're great. You should def check 'em out.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. I'm stating the obvious here, but this tune has to be an answer to Little Johnny Taylor's 'Part Time Love' - one of my all-time faves (Ann Peebles version is great too). I'd never heard this before, so thanks for another excellent post!

    DJ Dod

  2. DJ Dod....The obvious is what I usually forget to include, so kudos for mentioning it. Yes indeed it was meant as an answer to "Part Time Love". I should have put it in the post.

  3. Did Ann Peebles ever make a bad record?

  4. ..and I have to say..that's maybe the coolest record label I've ever seen.

  5. Isosceles...I can't say I've ever bought a record purely for the label design, but it's certainly a plus with this 45. I've only seen one other record on Great Scott.

    Actually, this label is a mystery to me. All I know is that it was owned by a man named Frank Scott. I've been wondering if that might be the guitarist who's spent most of his life in Chicago but is originally from Houston. However, I've seen nothing that says he ever owned a label.

  6. I sat in (playing guitar) with Frankie Lee a few years ago. Whatever it was we were playing, he nailed it to the wall. He had a stroke a while back and doesn't have the same stamina, but is still a great great singer. He tends to start his show with a ballad, and not too many singers even try to pull that off. They don't make singers like him any more.