Sunday, March 27, 2011

You're number one....

We've been away for the past few days visiting relatives in Texas. Baby Girl hasn't been cooed over near enough lately so we decided to hit the road in search of newer, fresher audiences.

This is one of those 45s by Robert Parker which is easy enough to find on comps but difficult to come by on vinyl. In fact, I'm sure it's rarer than his "Caught You In A Lie/Holdin On" which for unknown reasons continues to sell for a premium. By comparison, I'd say this 45 shows up maybe one tenth as often. I doubt very much it was distributed outside New Orleans.

Anyway, a friend scored two copies within weeks of each other and kindly let me have the more beat-up of the two for a mere pittance. I am most grateful. Check another rare-ish 45 off the list.

I'd like to dedicate this to my older sis who for the 6th year in a row has received national recognition for her culinary skills. While I was busy dancing around the parlor to old records pretending to be a club hopping 9 year old fashion model/DJ, she was in the kitchen soaking up arcane cooking knowledge from the family stregas. Girl deserves every bit of recognition she receives for all the hard work, the lack of pretension, the classic touch, and ultimately, the magic.

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