Friday, January 21, 2011

You'll never know...

Like most people I bought this 45 for the a-side, never listening to this cut until I got the 45 home. Don't know that I'd ever heard it before. Now it's the side I play most often.

In my opinion, a minor masterpiece. The lyrics are clear enough in their way, but the structure of the song so closely mimics the tossing and turning of angst-ridden half-sleep that I'm left in awe of the skill required to pull it off, not to mention completely drawn into the scenario.

After all, who hasn't spent a night tearing at the sheets and punching the pillow while talking/arguing with someone who isn't there? Actual sleep coming only once you've worn yourself out, if at all.

And ya know, maybe "minor" is the wrong word. Perhaps it's in the nature of such a song to only ever leave behind the barest of traces?

Hope ya'll enjoy.....