Thursday, January 13, 2011

Send me some....

It's been a very rough week around here.

To top it off, looks like Baby Girl is probably coming sooner rather than later. The doctor has said before that he thinks I might be a week or so further along than the numbers imply. This last appointment he was very clear: I'm all of eight months pregnant right now, not in 10 days time like I had thought. Which of course means my name is rising fast on the list of those "most likely to pop".

As far as the blog is concerned, I'm not sure what will happen. I think it's likely I won't have the time or the energy to continue. But on the other hand, I've an unmarried sister-in-law who's helping out in exchange for a room upstairs, an older sister who loves to send over goodies from her restaurant, and two grandmothers-to-be [one a first timer] who seem intent on spoiling me [a year's worth of both housecleaning and diaper service!!!]. Toss in the good intentions of several aunts, my 14 female first cousins, and maybe 6 or 7 friends.....and I fully expect there to be a certain amount of fighting over who gets to take care of the baby next.

In short, I probably have more help than I need and may well come to see the blog as a much needed escape. I'll just have to see how it all plays out.

Anyway, I'm def gonna disappear for awhile sometime in February. If I decide I can't keep the blog going, I'll leave a note saying so. Otherwise, just keep an eye open for the next post, right?

This is Emanuel Lasky's first single, recorded while he was still in his teens. I think it sold reasonably well until the name checks of President Kennedy got it pulled from the airwaves after the assassination.

I've seen where the Thelma label was said to be owned by Thelma Gordy, Berry Gordy's ex-wife, but I don't think that's quite right. It was started by her parents, Robert and Hazel Coleman, who had previously been involved with another label called Daco.

Berry Gordy was none too happy about the existence of Thelma. Not only did the label carry his ex-wife's name but the musicians who played on a number of Thelma issues were the same guys who played on Motown 45's. The sound was often very close. After a few years, Motown took it over.

Hope ya'll enjoy, it's a great tune. That intro grabs me every time. Oops, almost forgot, the band playing on this particular 45 later became the Ohio Players.


  1. Please keep us updated, ana, so we can send congrats when appropriate! :-)

  2. everybody will still be here when things settle down for you, luv. Congrats, by the way!!!!

  3. Wow! I can honestly say, Ana, that having a daughter is the most wonderful amazing mind-blowing thing. I've been at it for 10 years and it just keeps getting better. I wish you much joy and sleep.

  4. Good luck! My wife (and I) survived two children and wouldn't trade it for anything (except maybe a little more sleep in the beginning). Sounds like you have a great support staff.

  5. I agree with gillhodges. All the best wishes for you and the kid. Can't imagine life without you and your blog, though, Ana. Millions of warm thanks from far away in tne cold, wintry Stockholm in the north of Europe.

  6. good luck Ana! thanks for all the great stuff you've posted here - this track's a beauty as well...

  7. I just hugged my baby daughter - 17 now - as she headed off to school. The baby days are really really sweet - looks like you will have to share them!



  8. Hi Ana, I have two daughters (3 years old and 7 months) and the joy they bring is just difficult to describe. Enjoy every second and take care of yourself. Those first months are a bit rough but it is such a novelty that you won't even notice. All the best!!!!


    Thank god for grandmas btw...

  9. Hi Ana,
    it looks like some things never change...

    The latch is the key, by the way!

    DJ Dod

  10. You do a wonderful job with this blog, you'll be missed !
    Enjoy your daughter !

  11. Best wishes and the Best Of Luck. Don't fret about the blog, but just do a post when you feel like it.

  12. Thanks for the reassurance and kind words. I am of course about as anxious as you can get. All your notes are really sweet and mean quite a lot.


    But remember, I ain't gone yet!

  13. My kids -- along with my wife and New Orleans music are the best things that ever happened. Not happened to me. Happened period. Sadly, my older girl has reached the age where she's too cool to dance to Eddie Bo with me. But that won't stop me, and it won't stop you. Parenthood means you do less of some things you love, but a whole new bunch of things you do love appears, things you could never have conceived. Life is richer. Thanks for all the posts. If you do it more rarely, I'll savor the music all the more. Best of luck.

  14. Best of luck with yer impending blessed event! Thanks again for all the wonderful music. I lived in New Orleans as a kid in the 60's and your blog made the city come alive for me once again.

  15. Sorry I'm late to the party here, but CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for you and your family. That, always, has to come first. As the dad of two teenage girls, I know a little something about that. The Blog can wait, the work you've done here already is simply amazing. Thanks, Mom!!