Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rimshot Potatoes and Gonzo Turkey

A friend is ill and due for surgery tomorrow. We are hopeful, but the situation is very serious. Song lyrics suddenly seem to be very loaded. Either too close to the bone or fatuous to the point of irritation. How about some instrumentals?

Hot Potato Part 1, Part 2.

Originally released in 1963 and credited to the Rinkydinks, these same exact tracks were re-released in 1972 on the Rampage label as "Soultrain Pts 1&2" and credited to the Ramrods. Bobby Robinson, the owner of both Enjoy and Rampage, was the man behind this little bit of musical recycling. Seems the song was used as the basis for the Soul Train TV show theme and Robinson was trying to cash in on the connection. The group is actually King Curtis & The Noble Knights. The shocker is that Curtis is playing the guitar.

James Booker played on many many records in his life, but very few have his name on the label. This is the first of four singles he made for Peacock. Gonzo was a good sized hit in 1960. Cool Turkey used to be only rarely played in this house, but anymore I always flip the record over. In it's way, it's just as good as Gonzo.

Rimshot Part 1, Part 2.

The initial idea for the Holiday Inn label came from a company exec who caught The Roller Coasters in the lounge of one of their motels in Monroe Louisiana and thought this song should be recorded. It's the first record issued on the label. Soon enough Sam Phillips was involved, and ultimately a total of something like thirty 45's were issued under the imprint. Some of them are very very good. They were sold in Holiday Inn lobbies and Continental Trailways bus stations across the nation.

At the time, the Roller Coasters included Clint West, who I don't believe made much of a splash nationally, but later became a very popular singer in Louisiana. He plays drums on the 45.

Hope ya'll enjoy...in case you haven't seen it yet, Red Kelly has a wonderful memorial for Bobby Robinson posted here. There's a very nice record up too, one I've never heard of. [I should also thank Red for the info about the Rinkydinks, I'm sure I got most of it from either the B-Side or Soul Detective]


  1. Thanks for these instro 45's, Ana.

  2. Jon...Thanks. She made it through surgery yesterday, and for the time being is stable. It's been a hair-raising week.

    Gyro...You're most welcome.