Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got a new dance....

My apologies to some of you who've emailed me recently, I just found a bunch of very nice notes in the spam folder. I really should check more often. .

Major Lance put out something like 35 singles during his career. Had a several hits as well, but this isn't one of them. In fact, the first few discographies I looked through didn't list this record at all.

Truth is there's so much info out there on Lance you're best off looking him up yourself if you need to know more. He even has his own good-sized wikipedia page.

Willie Henderson gets kudos for the production on this one. Love those horns.

Hope ya'll enjoy.....it's from 1967.


  1. Does he have a New Orleans connection? (I know, I could look it up.) I think of Major Lance as a Chicago artist.

  2. Jon, definitely Chicago...although like many of that time he was part of the "great migration" north and born in Mississippi.

    Ya know, by no means are all the records I post associated with Louisiana, although the number is somewhat higher than I draw attention to. Mable John and Richard Berry, for example.......

  3. Noted. You certainly can't go wrong with Richard Berry. (Or Mable John.)