Saturday, January 29, 2011

...even had love to spare

T.V. Slim's discography is confusing. He had his own label early-on and some of those sides were later re-issued, even a couple of times, on his own and other people's labels. There are also a few records issued under his real name, Oscar Wills, and some re-makes as well.

Anyway, this is the b-side of the original version of "Flat Foot Sam". It may have been originally released on Slim's own Speed label in 1955 with a different flip. Hard to say given that I don't own the Speed 45. However, it is certain that this tune was released on the Cliff label [along with Flat Foot Sam] prior to being picked up by the Chess brothers, presumably through their contact with Stan Lewis, owner of Jewel/Paula out of Shreveport, Louisiana.

In short, this may be the third pressing of an older tune which became the b-side to a song which was re-cut and re-issued the same year as the original without this particular tune on the b-side. Got it? Took me at least half an hour to figure out how to say it.

It's a great tune. A nice lo-fi rocker with slightly bizarre backing vocals. As much as I like "Flat Foot Sam", I never put this record on the turntable without playing both sides.

Issued in 1957, possibly recorded in '55. Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Speed (LA) 45 - 6864 is note the same version as the Clif (LA) 45 - 103 version The Drunken Hobo

  2. Anon....I've seen the label spelled as both Cliff and Clif. Since I've never run into one of the 45's I wasn't sure which was correct.

    So, "Darling Remember" is from 1955. Thanks for clearing that up.