Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's all over the world....

I'm never sure why K-Doe's recordings for Duke don't to get more attention. On the whole, they're fantastic.

It's cut's like this that make me wonder what would have happened if the Godfather of Soul had ever hooked up with the Emperor of the Universe.

Hope ya'll's from 1965.


  1. I always like this particular K-Doe side...'specially the guitar work.

  2. Johnny Pierre....I've been wondering who's playing guitar on this cut for ages. As far as I know all of the recordings on Duke were recorded in Houston, which means I'm even more clueless about the musicians than usual.

  3. That guitar _is_ quite amazing. Thank you, ana & happy new year!

  4. You're quite welcome Holly. Happy New Year to you as well.