Saturday, July 31, 2010

You got a crazy funny way of teasin' me.....

Gawd, I love this record. A song that's perfect for a Saturday afternoon when absolutely nothing in the world is more important than playing/flirting/dancing around with My Boy Lollipop.

How is it that Sterling Magee recorded as little as he did in his pre-Mister Satan days? I mean, this is brilliant stuff we're talkin' about. I only know of five sides, total. Two singles on Ray Charles' Tangerine label, and this one on Sylvia which shares a b-side with one of the others.

Bass, drums, acoustic guitar, harmonica, that's it. The few touches of what sounds vaguely like fuzz guitar are just the reeds of the harmonica gently blown for effect.

If only there had been an album.