Thursday, July 22, 2010

Could anyone else be loving you better than I?

Another killer tune from Willie West.

I'm still waiting for a genuine stock copy of this 45 to appear [the one above is a promo copy]. Ya see, I not only have never seen a stocker, I've never even met anyone who claims to have seen one. As far as I can tell, no original issue stock copy has ever been posted on the blogs or for that matter auctioned on Ebay. DJ playlists posted on the net, some going back as far 10 years, are very clear that the 45 in use at the time was either a promo copy or the version of the single issued by Rhino.....I can't find a single mention of a bone stock copy being played, ever. Truth is, I don't think they exist.

Most likely, the record was withdrawn [for whatever reason] after the promo copies were pressed.

There's a good reason for going into this. Ya see, Rhino pressed a much different version of "Fairchild" on their supposed look-a-like stock re-issue. So, either Rhino goofed big time, in fact never had a stock copy in hand from which to "copy", in fact never bothered to check what might have been actually issued as Josie 1019, or there's a monstrously rare record out there, somewhere, waiting to be found. A record made even more rare because it would be the only example I can think of where issued stock copies differ so substantially from a promo copies. For someone like me, it would be very nice to know the truth.

It's worth mentioning that if Rhino did goof, then their pressing of "Fairchild" becomes even more interesting, as that would make those records the only authorized copies of the alternative version. Essentially, more of a true limited edition than they ever imagined. I want one myself.

Hope ya's one of the more ominous sounding cuts I can think of.