Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm gonna walk the walk...Re-post

[This is my solution to both fixing all the unavailable files on the blog and keeping the comments ya'll were nice enough to post the first time around. It's not just that the links are broken, Divshare actually lost the files. So, I'm gonna re-post the missing songs by each artist as they come up. At least with mediafire it's an easy thing to re-do links as they expire.]

Possibly the most auspicious debut recording ever. Too bad no one listened.

I forget how many 45's Tony Owens recorded altogether, but the number is on the small side. Only one was picked up by a major label after it started to make waves in New Orleans. That single, Confessin' A Feeling/ Gotta Get My Baby Back Home, was a major national hit in 1970...spending a month on the charts and as I recall, going to no. 2 at one point.

It was Tony Owens' only hit, which is a very serious shame.

[The info in this post is misleading. Tony Owens "big" hit wasn't nearly as big as I thought. However, I have it on very good authority that "Confessing A Feeling/Gotta Get My Baby Back Home" was a huge seller throughout the South and a genuine monster in New Orleans.]


  1. Ana , you're the best! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all this "new" music. You're the new queen of my ipod.

  2. Thanks for the nice note Alejandro, Merry Christmas yourself!

    'Ana, Queen of iPods'

    Has a certain ring to it, doncha think?

  3. sorry to be a spoilsport,but Tony Owens had no entries on the Billboard Hot 100,perhaps it got to no 2 on the R n B chart.

  4. Hey Richard...You're absolutely right, it was the R&b charts...and the year it charted was actually 1971. Thanks for making me check my facts, most of the time I'm operating purely off my memory, such as it is.

    However, that doesn't mean the song wasn't a hit. Top 40 radio stations in smaller markets throughout the US regularly mixed R&b and pop programing in those days. The line was not as clearly drawn as the charts themselves would lead you to believe.