Friday, July 9, 2010

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah....Re-post

[Even I'm confused by what I did here. Anyway, it's fixed now. Just seemed easier to go ahead and post the second side as well. Those of you who downloaded from this post before have a mislabeled file. You may want to delete it and re-download it along with the extra song.]

Speaking of Marty Lewis, here's the easiest to find of the few singles he had issued on him. All of the others are mucho rare.

As you'll hear, Lewis had a bluesy style not usually associated with New Orleans. Mostly I think it's the use of the harmonica that throws people, but it's not like blues weren't recorded in the city, ya know? As Martin Lawrie over at Soul Generation says, [it's] "the kind of sound the Stones sold millions of records mimicking".

I'd be very surprised if Allen Toussaint isn't laying down some mighty fine piano on this one.

Btw, 'Alon' was not, as many seem to believe, meant as a play on Mr. Toussaint's first name. It's simply 'nola' spelled backwards.

From 1963...


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