Monday, July 26, 2010

You're a hard nut to

[I'm surprised at the high download numbers for my re-post of Tony Owens "I Got Soul". I guess this re-posting thing isn't as stupid as I imagined. Here's another one that got lost in the Divshare debacle.]

This record grows on me with time. The trumpet part is totally sweet.

It's the last single issued on the Parlo label before the fall of the House of Cosimo. A shocking event at the time. Cosimo Matassa went bankrupt trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for Neville's earlier record on Parlo, Tell It Like It Is.

With Matassa's studio closed, his pressing plant shuttered, and his distribution company, Dover, gone, it suddenly became very much harder to run a small label in the city and the music business in New Orleans was never the same

Matassa's assets were seized by the IRS, Parlo closed it doors, Neville never saw a dime from his hit record....

A very sad story, one in which it's hard to find a villain. After all, what was Matassa supposed to do? He had no major label backing and yet he's got orders for millions of records coming in. So, he keeps the presses running full blast, hoping that enough money comes back, soon enough, to cover costs.

In retrospect, perhaps it was a bad bet.....but ya know, those involved were in the business of making/selling records and they had a major hit on their hands...I tend to think there was no real choice.

Funny though, that a major label didn't try to step in after the record hit's the one piece of this puzzle which doesn't make any sense at all.

Funny too that the record I'm offering today ever got pressed. It makes me think that up till the very end, it looked like everything might just work out....that is, until it didn't.

Anyway, it's cool far as I can tell it sank like a stone when it was released.


  1. Thanks so much Ana for this song and the tons of other fantastic stuff you post on your blog.

    The story you post here of this record and the end of Cosimo Matassa's entire operation is heartbreaking and really compelling.

    Keep up the brilliant work.

    Eric in Edinburgh

  2. You're most welcome Eric, and thanks for the ultra-nice compliment.

  3. I just came across your blog this week and I just had to drop a line to tell you thanks for your great song choices and your hard work.Much appreciated!