Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I thought we had a love so doggone strong....

Nice to be back home....

Waiting for me was a package of goodies from my friend C. Just some things he thought I'd be interested in. And he was totally right. A fairly beat up, but incredibly cheap [$2!!!] copy of Al Reed's "99 44/100 Pure Love", a copy of Ray Barretto's "El Watusi" [a song I've been nuts about since I was a kid], and the 45 I'm posting today [apparently scored off ebay, I ran across the listing while looking for info].

In my previous post on Lee Bates, I forgot, and thus didn't mention, that several years ago Red Kelly and the folks at Soul Detective did a lot of research on Lee Bates. You can find it here. They also posted a number of cuts by Bates, including "Mean Mistreater" [the flip of "I Do Things Naturally"] and "Wishing, Waiting, and Hoping" [which saves me the trouble of posting them myself].

This 45 is one they didn't post, probably because it doesn't turn up that often. In fact, I doubt many folks have ever heard it. As far as I know, the cut has never been comped and I can find no evidence that it's ever been posted on the soul blogs. I only know the song because C. has owned a copy of the 45 for some time.

And now, so do I....woo hoo! Thanks C, you made my day! Keep an eye on your own mail.

Anyone know anything about Flemings Broglin Jr.? He's listed as song writer and producer.

Before I forget, the title of the song is "Girl, Listen To Me", it's from 1972.

Hope ya'll enjoy.


  1. my pleasure hon. does the al reed play? sounded like shit when i tried it.


  2. C...It was a lovely thought, I'm thrilled you bothered.

    The 45 sounds pretty good now that I've soaked it in bleach and finished up with the sandblaster. The wormholes that are still causing lots of problems. I'm think I should use some of that stuff, oh what's it called...uhmmm, bondo....that's it.

    Seriously, I'm gonna post it....probably tomorrow if I have the time. It sounds that good. Kiss