Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tried to get you off my mind...

[Turns out I do have the scan on my laptop, it was just labeled stupidly.]

Before I's Allen Toussaint's birthday.

Another one I've been meaning to post forever. One of the first 45s I ever bought and a very important record. Released in 1961, Alon 9000 "New Kind Of Love/But I Couldn't", was very much ahead of it time, especially in terms of the way records were being made in New Orleans. As one musician put it, "he even wrote out the bass lines".

Mr. Toussaint was 23 years old. The 45 literally signaled the coming of a new sound.

Sorry, I don't have the scan with me...I'll add it to the post when I get back home on Monday.

Hope ya'll enjoy......


  1. Fantastic record. Another sound I'm going to have to have on the mp3 player for a very long time.


  2. nice blog

    Link exchange ?


  3. this is where i'm digging for! Keep those gems coming - thanx-a-lot! Willie Harper, Lloyd Price, Alvin Robinson, Larry Williams, etc. are welcome any day!