Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cool down baby, I love you...

Oh boy! A brand new box of records from the Ebay Guru!!! Including one in particular that I've been dying to get my hands on. But what's that? Omg. It's cracked....and the b-side is unplayable.

Luckily the seller is a good guy, and refunded much more of the selling price than he had to. I even protested the refund, thinking he deserved to keep more. It's hard enough to make a buck on Ebay. I've no problem with paying a reasonable price for records, even if they're cracked.

On the other hand, it is one of those unstable cracks that makes the 45 feel like it's going to fall apart in your hand, so maybe the dealer did the right thing? Certainly the record isn't worth near what I initially paid for it.

Anyway, I'll put some super glue on the edge and hope it holds together till I can find another copy.
Five years ago, Red Kelly ran the first of his Mystery Contests on the Soul Detective blog....and the song in question turned out to be by Elton Anderson.

Now, I was much too shy in those days to speak up, but I did know a little something about Anderson even then....mostly from a friend who to this day thinks that "I Love You" is one of the coolest songs ever recorded. And I tend to agree with him. When Anderson was 'on it' [which by no means was all the time], the results were memorable.

Anyway, it wasn't long before I had my own copies of many Anderson 45s. In fact, I featured my Mercury label copy of "Cool Down Baby" on the blog quite some time ago. But that pressing is super easy to find and you know how it is with collectors....I kept on looking for an original release copy on Trey.

And that took awhile because the Trey's are tough to find. In fact, a recent look-a-like re-press of "Cool Down Baby" was printed with the Mercury label, which makes me think those responsible either didn't know of the Trey issue, or simply couldn't find a copy to uhmmm....copy. [Actually, pretty silly 'cause Mercury label originals often cost less than the repops.]

These same folks also recently re-pressed "I Love You"...which totally infuriates me because after spending years looking high and low for the 45, it's now all over the place, $10 bucks a copy, all the copies you could ever want. I've had to stop myself from buying one at least ten times in the past six months. Fortunately, I know that every time I buy a modern repress, I almost never play it.

Anyway, here ya go, both of Elton Anderson's releases on the Trey label. As I said above, this is the second time I've featured "Cool Down Baby".....I just though you might like to see/hear an original pressing.

"I Love You" is the real star here......if you're anything like me, you might as well just get on up out of your seat right now.


  1. I just YouTubed him.



  2. Hey Ana, I haven't stopped by in a while. You definitely haven't been slacking on the good music though. "I Love You" is pure hypnotic magic. A friend of mine gave me a copy a while back. He kinda just tossed it to me like, "here I saw this and know you like New Orleans stuff, it's beat, but I think this is a good one." The record is indeed totally partied out but giving it a spin I was juking around the room in no time flat. I just looked at my friend and asked him, "did you even listen to this?" It's a great record - trashed, partied out copy or not. Sometimes a crack or nearly nonexistent grooves just can't get in the way of a good time.

  3. K...Glad you like.

    Austin...I totally agree. It's hard to keep a good record down.

    The problem here was that I initially paid good cash for the 45. It was sold as being in VG condition. The seller wasn't trying to cheat me, he just inadvertently got his auction listings mixed up.

    He's a good man. Ended up giving me the record even though I didn't ask for anything like that. So, I too got the record for free.

  4. love the name of your blog! my mom told me that people used to write their names on their records so they wouldn't be lost or stolen at parties. thought i'd share this with you, but you probably already know this i guess. take care, anon because i'm paranoid. guess they can't crack down on old stories right?

  5. Ana, I'd like to think I'm a bit like you. And that track "I Love You " is a car crushing monster truck of a badass bomb blast!



    1. Glad ya like it J.

      It's still on heavy rotation around here. Maybe always well be.