Monday, January 2, 2012

I was high as a Georgia pine....

This one goes out to girlfriend Suzie who is reportedly on the second day of her post New Year's Eve hangover. Poor baby.

'Diablo' is Al Reed, someone on whom I still have no info other than a questionable discography. Why he chose to release the record under a pseudonym is anyone's guess.

I only know of three 45s released on Axe, although I believe the catalog numbers suggest that there were four.

Anyway, the 45 is def rare-ish....and I don't think it's ever been comped. Mr. Finewine owns a copy but I can't see that he's ever played this particular cut on the air, which I find surprising 'cause I'm not sure I don't like it better than the flip.

Cool organ sound, touches of heavy echo, and great lyrics. What more do you want?

Hope ya'll enjoy......


  1. In response to your perhaps rhetorical question.. nothing! Absolulely nothing!

    What a great song, and totally new to me. Thank you.

  2.'s not necessarily rhetorical. Always a pleasure to have your input.

    I would think it's new to almost everyone. I don't see that it's ever been offered online before. Period.

  3. Where may I obtain a copy of that song? I really enjoyed it.

    1. WillowRae...As far as I know, the tune has never been comped on vinyl or Cd. However, you can click on the 'dots' following the word 'enjoy' in the text and I believe a download of my rip is still available.

  4. My father was a GREAT composer & artist...Thank You for LOVING HIS MUSIC...