Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As long as I have to cry....

It happens with some regularity that I pick up a nice, 'new to me', record only to find that John Ridley has already been there/done that. And I really shouldn't be surprised, the man has dug very deeply in his life. Undoubtedly much deeper than I ever will.

Here's a really nice interview with John....along with a few handpicked tunes to listen to.

The one aspect of the interview I would disagree with is that his tastes are "out of step". Any one who's paid any attention this blog will know that I'm just as likely to post a ballad as a dance tune. The truth is, I often have to present the flip-sides of what John's posted simply because he's already posted the best side and I need to send ya'll over to his site for the info. Thank God so many of the artists featured on the Sir Shambling site made records worth flipping over.

Today's selection is a good example. This tune ain't bad at all, in fact I'm sure some will enjoy it more than the flip, but if I had my druthers, I'd post the same song off the 45 that Sir John did. It's the reason I bought the record. Give a listen and read what Sir Shambling has to say about Tony Ashley, here.

Hope ya'll enjoy.......


  1. I've been conversing (via email) a bit with the good Sir recently and this reminds me I must tell him how much I enjoyed that interview.

    Really liking this Tony Ashley side.

  2. Darcy...Glad you like the tune. I've some small amount of correspondence with John myself. He's def one of the good guys.

  3. Thanks for the great song and the great link! That's actually the first interview with SS I've ever read, after reading/consulting his website for years....

    I think everyone enjoys soul ballads, I just think that due to the popularity of DJ dance nights that the faster stuff gets more prized sometimes....I can't see anyone listening to "Bewildered" and not loving it, at least no one I want to hang out with :-)