Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I apologize for the silence...

I'm having equipment problems. The symptom is a persistent popping through the speakers when my sound system is connected to the computer. Not only is this driving me crazy, it's also making it impossible to get a good rip off vinyl. Hopefully I'll have the problem fixed soon. A friend with serious brains is looking into it tomorrow.


[uhmmm, do you hear crickets?]


  1. I can sympathize. I've been having a similar problem with my vinyl/mp3 turntable.
    I'm a big fan, hope to see you back soon.

  2. As opposed to silly brains? Good luck - hope to see you up again soon. I miss your posts.

  3. My problem is bats in my belfry. At least yours should be fixable.

    Not that I can troubleshoot through clairvoyance or anything, but the fact that your problem is audible on your rips brings to mind that you should be sure your audio cables and power cords are well away from any wireless routers or modems, as those wires can pick up RF interference that manifests as strange noises, clicking, popping, buzzing, and the like in your audio chain. Also make sure your audio cables and connections are good and try other cables. You may already have done all that, so, when in doubt, enlist a teenager. Hope whatever fix works is a cheap one!

  4. I should have something new up tomorrow.

    Yankee Boy...yes indeed, silly brains such as mine do best to stay away from sparky things. The only part of a computer I'm allowed to touch is the keyboard. And even then, only with my fingertips...never my fists.

  5. Thanks for the tips Dan...yeah, I'm very bad about routing cables, and do have major problems with that sometimes.

    But in this case, the problem turned out to be an ambient sound file used in a silly computer game that wouldn't stop playing. Even when the program was shut down. Even after I did a re-start.

    My techie friend thinks it was caused by a virus which adversely affects Quicktime, possibly embed in the game, we did a re-install of Quicktime, dumped the game, and now the problem is gone. Hurray!