Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some like 'em in the pot, nine days old...

Here's a record I know very little about. It seems pretty clear the band is from Chicago. The song itself is about the necessity of cooking Chittlins correctly. That's about it.

Info is always appreciated.



  1. Hi Ana - welcome back!

    All you ever wanted to know (and more!) about Mellow Records can be found in Robert Pruter's seminal work "Chicago Soul" (University of Illinois Press, 1992). It seems Mellow was active from 1966-69, and run by Charles Colbert Jr as part of the Nike / Tip Top Records operation started by him and his father CC Sr in 1961. Its best known artist was the underrated Marvin L Sims, who'd hit big locally in 1962 with "Cool Breeze".

    CC Jr was an ex-member of the Daylighters, of "Oh Mom, Teach Me How To Uncle Willie" fame. This one-off two-parter was cooked up by him with songwriter / arranger-about-town Eddie Silvers, probably at the company's woodshedding HQ at 800 E.63rd (since you ask!), and presumably features various moonlighting company staffers. Thanks for the post - funky track, nice label!

  2. Thanks! Anon...

    There is no such thing as too much info. I need to hunt up the book. As you may have noticed, my knowledge, such as it is, drops off precipitously once I leave the confines of New Orleans.