Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Down on my knees, beggin' baby please...

This is the less commonly heard, second, version of I'm Gonna Leave You. Interestingly, the two versions were released consecutively on Whit 716 and Whit 717.

Both are very good, I just happen to prefer the slightly slower, more country blues sounding, second one. Where the first one rocks, this one lays back and grooves. Doesn't hurt that as a duet [the first is not] the song itself shows much more depth.

Jackie Johnson, the female vocalist and writer of the song [I assume the writing credit given to the owner of the label is BS], is a mystery. I've yet to find a mention of her anywhere. Too bad, as she has such a great voice. I can't imagine a better pairing with Bobby Powell, seems a real shame they didn't do more than this one single together.

from 1963....

[Update: check the comments, one of my readers found Jackie Johnson/Jacqueline Johnson. She's now known as Lady Mem'fis.]


  1. I think I found Jackie Johnson. She's now known as Lady Mem'fis. More here:

  2. Holy cow! found her Small Town Girl. Excellent work!

    The article is a little hard to read given all the name-dropping goin' on, but that's definitely her.

    From what I can decipher she put out a single 45 on the Tulane label [one I'm going to have to hunt for]. The article also confirms that she did some of the background vocals on other Bobby Powell records, which I thought was the case but wasn't sure of.

    Thanks so much! You made my day. It's been bothering me that I couldn't find anything at all.

    Looks like Jackie's got it goin' on. There's a few clips of her recent recordings....Such a Night is particularly good.

    I'm going to look for the album and see if I can contact her...if for no other reason to let her know there are fans of her recording with Powell.


  3. I sent Lady Mem'fis an email, hopefully she'll reply....looks like the album is not yet available.


  4. ....and/or out of print, as some parts of the site look to be dated.

  5. Hi Ana. Happy New Year! All the best for this 2010 an tons of 45s...

  6. Back at ya, Perrata...I've a huge party to attend tonight, so unfortunately I don't have anything special to post...

    Them's the breaks..