Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They say that he don't love you...

I have a problem with Raeletts 45's. The mix almost always pushes 'the girls' into the background, even as they're supposedly being featured. This occurs time and again.

I wouldn't necessarily complain about this under normal circumstances, but holy cow, some major major talent passed through the Raeletts.....and I think 'the girls' deserved better.

In this case, that talent is Mable John. Sister of Little Willie John. The first female Berry Gordy signed to his then brand new label Tamla. Singer on some of the best records Stax ever issued.

Let's put it this way, I didn't buy this 45 because it's a Raeletts record, I bought it because it's a Mable John single.

Hope ya enjoy.


  1. Cool tune! The flip side "I Want to Do Everything For You" is really good also.

  2. That it is Yankee Boy....to the extent that there's a lead voice on that tune, it's Mable John once again.