Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ignore me if you wanna..

A request from my friend Angel. Hope it makes her's a very beautiful smile.

Truth is, I'm of two minds when it comes to posting anything by Betty Harris.....she is one of the very few artists, if not the only artist, I've posted who is still alive and actually owns the rights to some of her past work. Specifically the sides on the Sansu label.

Thus, ya'll really should go buy a copy of her Lost Soul Queen CD. I've bought at least four for friends....own one myself, even though I also own all the 45's.

It's a great only complaint is that it includes a song called, All I Want Is You, which isn't by Harris. The song was recorded by Zilla Mayes and issued on the Tou-Sea label [funny, how no one seems to catch that, the same mistake shows up on Charly's Selected Hits collection].

Hope ya enjoy the tune...and please go buy the CD, Betty deserves it.

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