Saturday, December 12, 2009

There's a right way...and a wrong way...

This is a genuine monster of a record.

Although it's likely that some version of the Meters are layin' down the track [Leo Nocentelli gets song writing credit and that's clearly him playing guitar] does also seem just as unlikely that Ziggaboo Modeliste is providing the beat. If it is Modeliste, then it's the most restrained drumming he ever waxed.

But ya know, this ain't no ordinary Meters type funk fact, I wouldn't say it's funk at all, as the groove is all about hip-swinging. My sisters will know what I mean.

In particular, listen to that bass line [whew]....I'm thinking it's George Porter Jr. making up for the lack of [more usual] percussive pyrotechnics.


[As a side note, the label name, Deesu, is part of an extended joke revolving around an early nickname for Allen Toussaint [two cents]. Deesu is a play on the French wording, dix sous [think of it as ten cents]. There was a time when French currency coming out of New Orleans was the major source of cold hard cash for the fledgling United States. The word, 'Dixie', comes from dix sous.]

[Addendum: a couple of folks have pointed out that the bass work on this record is not atypical of George Porter...they are, of course, completely correct. Truth is, I haven't been listening as closely as I should. The man's playing is astounding.]


  1. I will be nice (you asked for it). I couldn't do otherwise, happy as I am to have found yr blog through Derek's Daily Recs. Irma Thomas, Nappy Brown and more to discover!
    Thanks! (from Montreal, Quebec)

  2. Nice piece; great track. Just discovered your blog via Derek's Daily and am enjoying it. Thanks. W.

  3. Got here via Derek. Love the blog!Great job. And what a cool record! Would love to have you as a guest on my Blog too!! Stop by if you ever have a moment.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments guys...does my heart good.

    Perrata2000- Wow, you have such a beautiful blog. You can be sure I'll be a regular visitor...I'm checking out the sounds now. Very Very nice.