Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Post at Derek's Daily 45...

I should go ahead and post this just in case someone hasn't seen it over at Derek's Daily 45...

When Derek asked me to guest on his blog, my first thought was....yikes! do I even own a record he hasn't already posted? In short, going toe to toe with Derek's collection is a little intimidating. Or, at least it is to me. But ya know, of course I do own some cool 45's which Derek hasn't posted, maybe even a few he hasn't scooped up yet. So, there's really no reason why I should get all twisted-up about this, right? [uh huh]

Anyway, I recently added a sixth Diamond Joe Maryland 45 to my collection. This is out of seven possible. So, in honor of my dogged pursuit of fairly obscure singles.....I'm offering up a song which I don't think has been posted on any of the soul blogs before. At least, I haven't seen it posted before and a quick search didn't turn up anything either.

This surprises me. It's a great tune...full of twists, turns, and stops. Most of all, stops. Heavy on the stops. Allen Toussaint produced it. I love it.

The title is, Don't Set Me Back. From 1966...


  1. Hi Ana,

    Left a post over at Dereks saying what a great record I thought this was, now listening to everything on your blog I haven't heard before (a lot) & there are some cracking tunes here (....which of couse you know) Up to No. 43 so far & those getting an extra extra star incl. Prince La La's Come to Me, Nappy Brown, Mary Jane Hooper & of course the Eldridge Holmes posts. Now I'm gonna order his comp from Amazon (& they say bloggings killing the music industry!).

    Thanks again.


  2. Hey J...What a nice note. Glad you stopped by and are enjoying what ya hear.

    I totally agree about the role of blogs....I've bought any number of collections based on what I've heard, often for the first time, on singles blogs.


  3. hearing this the first time today :"the stops" as you say ,their swaggering and tumbling dramatically Beat hit me at once.
    over here it is quite the same :
    thank you very much ,for bringing attention to this song - now i can have a look for this(&related) ,to add it my own (quite small) collection.
    ...blogs do offer the main information for me to find and hear "new" music. (beside y*tube/*bay)

    it might be jazz ,rhythm'n'blues ,heavy metal ,reggae ,or surfsound
    shame on the media-industry ,for not playing music that touches the peoples heart, ignoring every kind of musical style that got special(ized) fans