Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Me think of girl constantly...

*deftly sidesteps a huge pile of Christmas caca*

When I posted my copy of Earl King's, Come On Pts 1&2, Derek, from over at Derek's Daily 45, left an amusing comment about the condition of his copy. Well, seeing is believing. Derek posted his copy yesterday and it's hard to imagine that the 45 wasn't used as a sanding disc at some point. Amazing that it plays as well as it does.

Anyway, in keeping with the same spirit, I'm posting one of my most beat-up records. I found it in a box of un-sleeved 45's at a yard sale. Given what the record is, I figured I could afford to take a chance. This chewed up piece of vinyl, along with a handful of other equally dicey 45's, set me back the princely sum of 50 cents.

The disc is completely covered with scratches, to the point where you almost can't see any grooves. I fully expected the record to be unplayable. Imagine my surprise when I gave it a spin.

Yeah, it's a bit worn and got some crackling going on, but given that I'd expect to pay at least $50 for one in better shape, this copy will do for the time being. I'm pleased as punch to own it.
I first heard Berry's version of Louie Louie when was 13 or 14. My mother was listening to NPR and 'Afro-Pop Worldwide' came on. The host started off the show with the song and then segued into the Cha-Cha tune from which the main riff derives. I was totally smitten.

My parents had a Cd recorder, so I checked the schedule for when the show would be replayed and made a point to record the song. I played that copy over and over and over.

And ya know, it's still one of my favorite tunes ever.

Hope ya's from 1957.


  1. a big HOORAY for bargain, beat up 45's!!!!

  2. I'll second that!

    *raises a glass*


  3. Yay! Richard Berry never fails, despite scratches. Thank you.