Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talk about my love for you..

Time for another semi-obscure Eddie Bo 45.

This side was released under Bo's own Blue Jay of five known releases on that label.

I'm pretty sure it's from 1964.



  1. Hi Ana!

    Love it. Do you know anything about possible relations to Little Willie John's "Talk to Me", aside from the obvious....?

  2. Hey Holly...nope sure don't, that is aside from the obvious.

    Bo occasionally 'quotes' other songs...sometimes I'm sure it was intentional, other times not so sure...ya know, it's actually pretty hard to write a song that doesn't refer to another.

    I used to play in a band, and one of the band members was always trying to get us to do his songs...I finally had to tell him that every single one of them was yet another re-working of 'Tequila'.

    Fortunately, he thought that was cool...