Monday, September 14, 2009

All my friends, they laugh at me...

As I've said before, if you want more info on any of the artists I post, best to google the name and look for any links to Home of the Groove, Funky 16 Corners, or The "B" Side [I should include The Hound Blog as well]. That's where you'll get the real scoop.

Me? I'm just playing records, having some fun, and expressing the occasional unsupported opinion.

Normally, I don't provide direct links to artist info [I'm supposed to do all the work?]....... but in this case, Dan Phillips at Home of the Groove did such a marvelous job of researching Lee Diamond/Wilbert Smith that it deserves link after link after link. It's as close to being definitive as you'll find.

Check it out, Tracking Lee Diamond.

Here ya go, a great slow dancer from Lee Diamond, circa 1960.



  1. Glad ya liked it Exeter, and hope ya keep poppin' in..

    I gotta lot more records to play..