Friday, September 11, 2009

I can't put a finger on it...

Mary Jane Hooper, real name Sena Fletcher, recorded a handful of songs with Eddie Bo in the late sixties. As far as I know only five sides were released, rumors of another extant single notwithstanding...[has anyone actually ever seen a copy of, I've Got What You Need?]

I Feel A Hurt is the flip-side of, That's How Strong My Love Is, as issued on the World Pacific label. The original pressing on the Power/Power Pac label is backed by a version of Jeeanie C. Riley's, Harper Valley PTA.

I doubt anyone has ever said Hooper was the strongest singer in the world....but there is a quality to her voice, a vulnerability, that's very appealing.

I think of her as someone of limited talent who nonetheless gave her all when she sang....pushed her vocals as far as she possibly could.

In that way, I don't think the power of her recordings lies in her ability to express the feeling of a song, but more in the way she, herself, lays it all on the line.'s a beautiful song, written and produced by Eddie Bo.

My copy of the 45 is pretty rough, so sue me.

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