Sunday, September 13, 2009

It do me good....

I love this record.

It's a total sleeper, sounds sappy at first, and then goes into a killer call and response thang...

One of Huey Smith's projects with Brenda Brandon on the Instant label....the record was released in 1966, which I can only imagine was well past the due date for a Stroll-type record.

At least that's what I do to it, a version of the Stroll mixed with a smidgin of Second Line. Which probably means the song did well in New Orleans, if nowhere else.

While Pt.2 sounds very similar to Pt.1, it actually swings just a bit harder.



  1. High-five, Jukebox...

    An under-rated record which sells for pocket change.

    Maybe we should stock up on copies now?


  2. One of my faves too - good call

  3. The Vocals on this song "It Do Me Good" are actually song by
    Gloria Franklin, and Alex Scott Jr.

  4. Thanks for the correction Shedrick.

    Mind if I ask where you got that information? Not because I necessarily doubt it, but because I'm interested. I assumed it was Brenda Brandon because Smith did work with her at the time. As far as I know that's her singing on the Hueys records. She's also listed as co-writer of this tune.


  5. this song always manages to raise the hair on my neck when they start going back and forth.

  6. WoW!
    Thanks for these rare tunes!
    Why aren't they on the "Minit/Instant Story" box?!?!

  7. Exeter....with time I've come to appreciate the original of this tune even more than the Pitter Pats version.

    Check "Pearl Edwards" in the sidebar if you'd like to hear it.