Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cracked up over you...

I'm not a 100% fan of Danny White's recordings....but I have to admit that my conclusion is born of missed opportunity rather than any specific lack of talent.

There's no doubt that the man was talented. His band rocked the hell out of New Orleans for years.

If only White had spent the sixties recording with Allen Toussaint, instead of lesser talents, things might have been quite different. Toussaint is on record as saying that several songs recorded by Ernie K Doe were written with White in mind. Yeah that's right, Mother-In-Law, A Certain Girl....you get the picture.

As it is, the two only collaborated once, on Natural Soul Brother, released on the SSS International label.

Sucks to say, but there only three Danny White recordings I care about. The Twitch on the Frisco label, Natural Soul Brother, and this song, Cracked Up Over You.

The song was recorded in Memphis. Al Jackson Jr. is on the drums. The whole Stax crew is most definitely on-board.

[correction: this record was not recorded at the Stax studio, but at the Hi studio....many of the players were Memphis heavy-weights who moved back and forth. Gene Miller, who is listed as producer, started at Stax, worked with the Fame gang in Muscle Shoals, and then moved to Hi.]


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