Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When are you comin' home....

As I've mentioned before, the classic line-up of Cookie and The Cupcakes involved two lead singers, Cookie Thierry and Shelton Dunaway.....and generally speaking, when Dunaway did the vocals the records were credited to Shelton Dunaway and the Cupcakes.

Thus, this is actually a "Cookie and the Cupcakes" record.

The song has nothing to do with the largely New Orleans based Popeye dance craze of the early sixties. Ya see, 'Popeye music' is markedly down-tempo and this tune is of course 'up-beat'.

"Cindy Lou", another song recorded several years earlier by the Cupcakes under the name 'Boogie Ramblers', is very similar and of course makes no mention of the Popeye. In short, any references to the Popeye were included purely for the sake of making regional sales.

That's gotta be the great Katie Webster on piano. Totally besides the point, but ya know, if there was ever a woman who grew more beautiful as she aged, it was Katie. Girl def had the life-force in her. I saw her play when I was about 15 and won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Hope ya'll enjoy...........


  1. This is a nice one, Ana - thanks. When I saw the G. Khoury composer credit it made me think of Phil Phillips and I wondered whether Dunaway also signed away most of his publishing rights? Marie

  2. I wouldn't know the answer to that Marie....but I am reminded of the artist [I've forgotten the name] who when asked about the rights concerning several of his songs half seriously replied, "What are publishing rights?"

    1. It should also be mentioned that some songwriters preferred to take the cash upfront. $200 was a nice chunk of change in the 50s/60s.