Sunday, April 1, 2012

A charge to keep [in mind]....

The original version of this song was recorded by the Georgia based Echoes of Zion in either 1949 or '50. Given that the Echoes were known for re-working much older songs, it's possible the tune dates from a good deal farther back. Anyone know for sure?

Actually, it doesn't matter if the song was old or new because the style of singing is what's important. Although somewhat gussied-up [the Echoes were pros after all], this is an example of a moaning-hymn. Or maybe I should say its done in the style of an old pre-Gospel moaning hymn.....which was never meant for 'groups'. It's purely a 'congregational' style.

Anyway, this is one of the few recordings of this type by a Gospel group that I've heard [not that I've heard everything]. What's interesting is that this later version sounds quite a bit like the original, perhaps even better, depending on your taste.

Relatively cheap, nice, copies of this record can also be found on the Nashboro label. Original label releases tend to go for more, which is why I own a beater.

Prepare to be awed.........


  1. Very nice . . . awesome indeed. (It's similar to the Pilgrim Travelers' "I Love the Lord" from 1950, though this one is a little rougher (not a bad thing at all!). Also for a couple of very moving congregational-style lining hymns check out Deacon Shinault's "Lord I Come to Thee"/"I Cannot Live in Sin" recorded around 1956 in Chicago.) I'm sure you're right, the style must go way back, way before church services and the like were being recorded. Fab post, thanks.

    1. Sorry, took me awhile to answer.....but ya know, it's true, I am right.