Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You are more precious than gold....

The Marvetts [also Marvettes] were a Jamaican group who worked in what's commonly known as the "revivalist" gospel style of the mid 60's. Laid back, folksy, totally earnest, decidedly un-hip, the style is not to everyone's fact, there are folks who'll tell you it's only appeal is it's strangeness.

The great Coxsone Dodd was behind the Tabernacle label. One source says the label was started before his Studio 1 label, but the info's a bit confusing so take it for what it's worth. While this is clearly a Jamaican issue [it was later released in the UK], the discography I have says the issue numbers are I really don't know for sure what this 45 is.

The run out code refers to the Wirl label....but if there was an issue on Wirl, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

From 1965 [?], possibly the first 45 on the Tabernacle label [?].

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. 1st Gospel Bluebeat 45 i've either heard nice.

  2. Very innocent-sounding. But spontaneous. And so short !
    Ravel, near Montreal, Quebec Canada