Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Repost] I'll be there, wishing, waiting, hoping....

[Issac Bolden died a few days ago. Respect is due]

A record more often referred to than posted. In fact, I can't find where it's been posted at all. Could be the 45's a little hard to find.

Anyway, it's a great two-sider, including the original version of "Wishing,Waiting, Hoping", which was a local New Orleans hit, not once, but twice. The second time when it was covered by Lee Bates in 1976.

As fond as I am of Bates' version, I have to admit that when Owens recorded the song in 1967, he created a classic.

Isaac Bolden is one of the more under-rated arranger/producers to have worked in New Orleans. Both these songs are simply gorgeous. Even, gorgeous in their simplicity. Bolden had a knack for making everything sound just-right. Virtually no fluff, few stumbles, heavy on the atmosphere, yet still clean sounding. It's a tough trick to pull off.

"I'll Be There" is at least as much a favorite as "Wishing, Waiting, Hoping", don't overlook it. Both songs are quite different from each other. If you don't like one, be sure and try the other. Hopefully, you'll like them both as much as I do.


  1. I like "I'll Be There" very much :-)

  2. Awesome....need to find this one!

  3. As they say "you wait ages for a bus to come then half a dozen come along at once". Very glad to see you posting so prolifically again. Hopefully the puerile brigade who focused their attention on your fine little blog have been clipped round the ear & sent to bed early.