Monday, August 15, 2011

My tears was in vain....

Finally, a day off. Maybe I'll even get around to answering some of my emails....

One of four 45s recorded by Martha Carter [one as Martha Nelson]....all issued on Joe Ruffino's Ric/Ron labels....all apparently Eddie Bo related.

As I recall, several cuts by Carter [including this one], are included on a comp called "New Orleans Ladies". Ya'll should check it out.

Hope ya like it.


  1. ...and you're back in full force! Just letting you know these are appreciated. I've really been enjoying the Big Daddy Green 'Lady in Red' lately. Also, I talked to my friend Chris and he's working on his Chico Chism post for the Shreveport Songs blog. Who knows maybe we'll actually post something there soon. Glad you're back.

  2. Austin...thanks. My motto is never do anything half way. If I am indeed 'back', then I'm back for real.

    I would seriously love to see your blog go active.

  3. Don't let the bstards get you down. Jealousy is a poisonous thing. Please keep up the good work... I have heard stuff you just cant get in the UK thanks to you.