Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fussin' and fightin' cause I won't do right....

My friend C. has been torturing me with all sorts of amazing stuff on Ebay. "Don't you want that one!", "Yes hon, of course I want it, but who's going to pay for it?"

Truth is I'm too cheap to play with the big boys, they swamp me with cash every time. Best I can hope for is that, for what ever reason, nobody's paying attention.

Two very serious 'must haves' slipped through my fingers this week alone. Both times I was the second highest bidder....the two highest bids I've ever made in my life. I'm not sure whether I should be pissed-off or relieved. [Actually, I'm pissed]

Anyway, I did win this one last week. Wasn't exactly cheap, but it's def hard to find. Funny thing is that a local dealer had it. Fool should call me before he lists stuff on Ebay. Chances are I'd pay his rent. Cash in hand is always worth double imaginary Ebay bucks.
Here's another killer tune from Bill Parker and The Showboat Band.

In case you've forgotten, these guys were really hot in southern Louisiana in the early sixties. Parker was a drummer who ran a revue-type thing. Vocalist on this one is Jesse Palmer, about whom I have zero information.

Btw, I have no idea what's up with the label on this record. The dealer said it was water damage, but that's not right. Looks to me like Sumi ink applied with a brush. Given that I've never once made a mark on a record label, I honestly can't imagine what goes through some peoples minds. Drugs?

Hope ya'll's from 1960.


  1. Awesome song, love those horns repeating the same thing over and over! Thanks....

  2. Hey ana - anybody ever mention how much you (and your tunes) rock? 'Cause you do.

  3. Alejandro...the RnR-type vocals notwithstanding, it's pure proto-funk. The drums are a bit muffled, but that drummer's doing some crazy shit for the day.

    Jer...I hear it all the time babe. [that's supposed to be a joke, if I didn't get such nice feedback in general, I don't know that I'd still be posting. Thanks].

    Whataride...that's really nice to hear, 'cause I tend to think I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard without medical supervision.

  4. Owes a bit to Mr Ray himself I'd say...and all the better for it too. The dog's doo dahs are danglin' - and that's go-o-o-o-od