Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cross-Post: Joe from Black Gold

[Joe and I are doing a cross-post this week, mainly to amuse ourselves, but also because I can't see it's a bad thing to throw a little something extra into the mix. Anyway, I've got a post up over at Black Gold if you wanna check it out. While you're there be sure and have some fun listening to/reading what Joe's posted previously.]

Here's what Joe has to say about his selection....[and this blog, awww shucks...]

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of 45s I own I chose "Just Be Yourself" by Bobby Marchan for a few reasons.

First reason: I knew that Mrs. Singing Bones had an interest in Bobby's sides on Cameo.

Second reason: Bobby Marchan got his start in New Orleans and she is from New Orleans (as most of you know if you follow her blog).

Third reason: the song expresses how I feel about Ana and her blog. The idea of just being yourself in a completely unapologetic manner is a simple one yet people seldom practice it, but not Ana. It's always a comforting thing to find someone whom you share a passion with especially when that passion is something extremely marginal (like digging through piles of dusty pieces of plastic to find that one song that makes your heart stop and your knees drop).

Anyway, enough with the gooey sentimental stuff. Bobby Marchan had releases on some of the most killer independent labels (Enjoy, Volt, Cameo, Gamble, Dial, and so on.) This one is from '63 and is on Cameo with production credits to Buddy Killen who often worked in Joe Tex and on a lot of other of Marchan's sides. The song is a slow churning ballad with some killer arrangement and a beautiful performance from Bobby.

Sit back and take this one in, I think you'll like it.

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  1. Great idea to swap with another blog - it turned me on to a cool place! Thanks again.