Monday, August 30, 2010

C'mon baby, let's slop.....

I bought this record based on a very short listen, a matter of seconds. I only recognized one of the artists names [on the surface, it looks to be a split single], neither of the song titles rang a bell. The 45 was very very dirty which meant I could hardly hear what it sounded like. But what I did hear, was quite enough.

Back home, I cued up what I thought was the correct side. But I was wrong, so, I flipped it over. Boy was I surprised. Since when is Mattie a boy's name?

Ya see, the song I liked was by a male singer, so I assumed I wanted the side credited to Ervin Rucker......but there I was, listening to the side credited to Mattie Jackson....and that song sure sounded an awful lot like "Done Done the Slop" by [you guessed it] Ervin Rucker.

When I poked around the interwebs for more info, I couldn't find a single instance where "I Want To Do It" is tied to Rucker. On the rare occasion the song pops up at all, it's said to be by Mattie Jackson.

And there's more. In discussing this 45 with someone online, it came to my attention that Leadbitter & Slavin, in their book "Blues Records", say this song is the one and only recording by a mysterious male artist. A man named Mattie Jackson. According to them, he's being backed by an "unknown" female singer.

What a load of BS. Doesn't anyone use their pointy little ears anymore? The label on the record was obviously misprinted. It's not a split single. Ervin Rucker is singing lead on both sides, Mattie Jackson is the "unknown" female singer. This is the first of Rucker's "Slop" recordings, with "Done Done the Slop" meant to be the follow-up. To top it off, Mattie Jackson is credited along with Rucker on "Done Done the Slop"........just as she was meant to be on this side.

Anyone with half a brain could figure it out, but I'll admit that the connection between "I Want To Do It" and "Done Done the Slop" is slightly obscured by the folks who've comped the later. They've speeded up the record to make it sound more "exciting", and thus changed the pitch. The degree to which this was done varies from comp to comp.

The Duplex label was out of Fayetteville Tenn., but that doesn't mean anything. "Done Done the Slop" was issued by a label out of Pittsburg and there's a very obscure single by Rucker on the Musette label out of San Diego. "Done Done the Slop" was included on a comp of Pittsburg recordings, but since that same comp also credits Mattie Jackson with "I Want To Do It", I think I'll take that possible connection with a grain of salt.

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. Beautiful! I spent a half hour trying to remember where I heard this before. A band Slo Leak covers this on their "Clock Strikes Twelve" Thanks Again!

  2. Duplex was actually run by Jimmy Liggins who was at the time of the Ervin Rucker releases based in LA I believe. He moved around a fair bit, there are 70s Duplex releases out of South Carolina for instance. Other than that, you are right, clearly Ervin Rucker on lead vox

  3. Anon...thanks so much for the info. I knew about the connection with Jimmy Liggins but didn't know he issued 45s from various locations.

    Good to know.

  4. Oh, and btw, you did notice the Fayetteville Tennessee address on the label?