Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hazel is her name...[re-up with flip side added]

[By request, for Mick. I decided to go ahead and add the second side of this 45 to the post. So even you folks who nabbed "The Life Of My Baby" the first time around have something new to hear.]

I have a particular affection for those late 50's-early 60's artists who somehow took gospel/blues/r&b and created proto-funk dance music....

Ya essence, making a very popular move, but without having to smooth out the rough edges to achieve popularity.

James Brown is, of course, the ultimate example....but isn't it interesting how easily Hank Ballard and Bobby Byrd slipped into the same groove? if the progression from r&b to funk was as natural as drawing your own mother's milk?

Roots?...well, that's an overused and often meaningless term....but there are artist's who seemingly couldn't help but draw from the tit of blues/gospel any more than they could suddenly morph into robots.....and at the same time, they pumped out something fresh and new sounding.

At this point I could pull out almost any record by Chris Kenner as an example...early/late, doesn't matter as they're all of a type...heavy on the gospel influence, funky as all get out.

Definitely a natural.


  1. Chris Kenner always delivers the goods, thanks!

  2. Thank you Ana, nice track. As it happens, I didn't need the flip as it was on an old Flyright LP that I own (& have since found a download file). But by posting the flip, I can place the year as 1964 (according to this LP).

    PS - I like your guest posting of the Wylie Dixon track over at Black Gold. Nice piece of soul. Thank you. Mick

  3. UP !!!!

    1000 thx & dances