Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Orleans, where I was born...

It's my birthday, I'm 27 years old today.

I've about had my fill of celebrations for the year, but my mother insisted we "do something", so we're going out to dinner later with a small group. Which is to say, My Boy and I are back in N.O. for a couple of days.

Here's a 45 I've been meaning to post for some time. It's an absolute monster which surprisingly got little or no play when issued. To my eyes, most copies of this record look to have spent at least some portion of the last 38 years in the same box they were originally packed in.

This cut was, I believe, recorded in Atlanta during the time when Toussaint and Sehorn were forced to use out-of-town studios after the collapse of Cos Matassa's operation left them with no local option.

Some version of the Meters play on the record, possibly even all of them. I can't imagine it's anyone but Ziggaboo Modeliste playing those drums.

My advice is to hold on to something substantial when the "psychotic" horn break kicks in or risk injury to yourself and others.


  1. Thanks, Holly....that's very sweet.


  2. Happy birthday Li'l Hoss. Nice record collection for such a pup.

  3. Thanks Jay, "Lil Hoss" is kind of a rough shirt to put on someone's shoulders, but I'll graciously take it in the spirit in which it was meant.

    Glad ya like the collection. I do have some help from folks more knowledgeable than I, but I got to say that I doubt they'd bother if I didn't have great taste {that's a very small joke}.


  4. ahhhh so you're a Gemini just like me. Happy birthday a week or so late. All the best!!!!

  5. Thanks Derek...Most of my close male friends are Gemini's. It's been that way forever.

    I think I said 'Happy Birthday' to you on your blog, but just in case I didn't....Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!


  6. Hooo-eeee Ana! I'm always loving every single thing you post on your brilliant blog and this is another that is going to the top of my want list! I'm proud to say that a major portion of what i know in this world has been taught to me by those younger than myself (i'm a high school teacher and parent of a toddler - so that's natural). Happy Birthday to you (by chance i've missed it by a couple of days)and thanks for the continuing education!
    -Eric in Edinburgh