Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doin' it all night long....

Gotta tell ya, we had one seriously awesome party last weekend, sorry most of you couldn't make it.

The expectation was that we would be out of the country for most of June and July. I even enlisted a friend to post a few things on the blog if I disappeared for too long. But plans change. Conditions in the Gulf are a very big concern. We have business which is directly related.

So, instead of searching for pirates gold on a desert island, we're hiding out at a top secret location not too far from town. Top secret cause we wouldn't want any adults to find us, would we? It's a lovely place, very old, very grand. Really just what the doctor ordered. My goal for the week is to get a massage [it's a hard life, but someone has to live it]. After that, we're off to somewhere more rustic. And then....

Anyway, I'll be around, but I'm taking it easy. I've been pushing very hard for the last nine months. The wedding prep just about sent me over the edge.
This is a very cool 45. Everything about it, from the opening guitar riff [which reminds me of some punk record I can't quite put a name to] to the ultra silly, almost childlike sax solo, makes my endorphin levels rise.

Bill Parker's band was popular around Lake Charles La. in the early sixties. Parker was the bandleader/drummer. Vocals were carried by several folks including Little Miss Peggy. The fab guitar work is by Chester Randle, who put out several singles with his band the Soul Senders on the related Anla label [always on my hope-to-find list].

If you look closely at the label scan, you may notice something of interest. On my copy of the 45 someone has scratched out the song writers name. This was done on both sides in exactly the same careful manner. Looks to me as if a previous owner didn't agree with the credit as given. Which makes me wonder: who would care enough to do such a thing?

Copyright data shows Eddie Shuler, owner of Goldband, taking credit for the song. Now, I normally discount credits to label owners, but in this case, Shuler did actually write a lot of tunes, recorded a bunch as well. So, who knows?

Well, I guess I do. This does not sound like an Eddie Shuler song, in fact it's not even a typical record for the label. Chances are "Sweet Potato Mash" is something Parker's band worked up. I'd be pissed too, if someone took credit for a song of mine. I might even bother to carefully scratch the offending name off copies given to friends, relatives, etc.

The 45's from 1962. Normally I'd post both sides of a two-parter, but in this case, part 2 is just an inferior take.

Hope ya enjoy....


  1. A variation on the 'White Riot' theme?

  2. 1. "A Place Nobody Can Find," eh?
    2. Interesting about the scratch-out. Hmmm.


  3. thank you

    is part2 so much inferior?

    that we can't hear it

  4. DJ Dod...I'm thinking more like something from Wire's first album.

    Jer.Eps...Damn, wish I'd thought to post that tune.

    Anon...Part 2 is almost exactly the same as Part 1, but without the guitar intro and the sax solo.