Friday, October 9, 2009

So many people fall in love just for fun...

I'm heading out for Austin Tx in a few hours...gonna visit with friends and spend some serious time digging through the piles of vinyl at the Austin Record Convention. Should be a blast.

My short list is rather small...but of course, there are hundreds of singles I'm likely to snatch if they cross my path.

Here's a record which until recently was on my must-find list. One of my better trading partners coughed it up in exchange for my second copy of Oliver Morgan's, Who Shot the La La.

It's Diamond Joe's second single and arguably one of Allen Toussaint's strangest productions.

Yep, that's an autoharp.



  1. Dear Ana-B,
    Wow, what a very impressive and very fine collection of NOS 45's! Thank you for posting all of these gems and providing them with your wonderful and compact, very funny commentary. I wish I could return the favor by posting lots of vintage 45's but unfortunately I am from a country where the dreadful CD was introduced at a very early stage and everybody was brainwashed into thinking that vinyl was inferior. You guessed it, it is Holland, home of the Philips company that more or less invented the evil silver beercoaster...Therefore, vinyl 45's (especially American ones from the sixties or seventies) are pretty hard to find and the ones that do surface at thrift shops or market stalls are priced outrageously high. But enough nagging, I love your tunes and I hope to visit the Crescent City one day. My deepest gratitude for providing me with hours of splendid second line super sounds! Big soul hug from Ingmar AKA Boom*Pee from Leiden, Holland

  2. Thanks for the nice note Ingmar...

    Glad you think I'm funny. I'm never sure how well my sense of humor travels. I, of course, think I'm hilarious.

    45's are getting harder to find in the US as well, and some that I've posted do sometimes sell for what I consider outrageous sums.
    Fortunately, I have access to several reasonable sources.... and also, i think, a genuine 'nose' for deals. I'm also not always interested in finding a perfect copy, which helps keep the price down.

    And ya know, I've gotten some great deals on's not my favorite way to buy, but it is a good reliable resource.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the tunes...obviously I love them, and enjoy turning folks onto something they might not have heard before.

    *blows a kiss*

    Thanks again, ya made my day.