Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Always, a part of me..

What an amazing recording.....written by the fabulous Earl King, sung by the greatest singer New Orleans ever spawned, Johnny Adams....and as if that wasn't enough, Wardell Querzerque is on board to make everything sound just right.

Too bad I don't own a better copy.

But then, I'm very partial to this one. I suppose you could say it has sentimental value.

Or perhaps it's just that I like my deep soul to sound like it's coming to me from a great something ya hear faintly through your window in the middle of the night....just a bit ghostly.

Or maybe it's that pops and crackles simply don't matter when it comes to certain records...and you'd be a stone-cold fool to nit-pick rather than just sit back and listen.


Ya see, I think of records as something much more than a collection of static sound my mind, they're alive, changing over time...the pops and crackles becoming one with the grooves.....each copy, an individual, to be loved or not.

This is the first single I ever bought. I remember seeing it in the store and thinking...gee, I could own that for $3.00.

Hope ya enjoy


  1. How do I get the player to work???

  2. I'm sorry Anon...the link is broken, as are some of the others on the blog. Check back later, I'll try to re-post it over the next couple of days. It'll be on the front page when I do.