Monday, October 19, 2009

He should be pulling rabbits out of hats...

This one of my recent finds at the record convention in Austin. It's one of 10 or so singles Carol Fran put out on the Port/Roulette labels between 1964 and 1967.

Fran has had quite a life. You can read about it here. The piece is by Jeff Hannusch.

There's a very nice collection of Fran's stuff around. It's split with sides by Betty LaVette and called, Bluesoul Belles: The Complete Calla, Port and Roulette Recordings 1964-1967.

It's very rare that any of these old soul artists are still alive, even rarer that they own the rights to their work....but on the off-chance that Fran or LaVette get anything from sales of the comp, I would like to suggest that you go buy a copy. Both artists more than deserve some money for their work, they sure as hell never got any in the day.

Hope ya enjoy


  1. Wow! Nice find! I LOVE Carol Fran. I got to meet and spend some time with and her husband (the late, great Clarence Holliman) about 10 years ago or so. Sweet lady and still has a knock out voice. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of "Knock, Knock" would you?

  2. Hey Jukebox...I've only seen clips of the Fran/Holliman shows, consider yourself very lucky that you got to see them live....

    It's too bad about Holliman, what an amazing guitarist...the duo was superb.

    As i understand it, Fran made a small guest appearance at Jazz-Fest last spring. Unfortunately, the Jazz-Fest schedule almost never suits my own, so I missed it. I really need to make an effort next time she plays out.

    Sorry, I don't own a copy of Knock Knock yet, but since i tend to collect by artist [and like to be complete] i'm thinking i'll stumble on a copy soon enough.

    In general the Excello sides are harder to find....Knock Knock, in particular, can sometimes require a decent out-lay of cash to obtain.

    Are you in the market for a copy?...cause often when i start looking for something in earnest several nice copies will appear....i'd be happy to let you know if i find an extra.


  3. I would love to lay my hands on a copy if you happen to find more than one... Thanks!

  4. damn this is great. Just added it to my want list.