Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't ya let that man get away...


I finally find a less than hammered copy of one of the greatest two-siders ever....and two days later I find a copy which sounds slightly better. Of course, I buy both.

Usually the choice is easy, I keep the better sounding copy and trade/sell the other.

But ya know, I kind of like the slightly worn sound of the less good copy. So, I'm unsure what to do.

Anyway, here's my 'second' [very very pretty] copy.....

Cover your ears children.....distortion is bad for ya......mama sez so


  1. Art Neville is always great for listening. thanks!

  2. Amazingly great 45. I caught a copy in a trade for a few 100 45s a few years back and like yours mine is a bit worn, but just so very good all the same.

    That guitar break is something else.

  3. And it's nice to see you've joined the blog-fray.

  4. RecordCollector: My pleasure, hope ya stop in again...

    Westex: yeah, the guitar work is nuts....

    Any idea who plays it?.....if I had to guess, I'd say it's Mac Rebennack, he laid down some nasty sounds in his guitar playin' days.

    Just noticed that you've linked to this blog, Thank you very much kind Sir. I'll return the favor, not only because it's polite, but because I've often visited and enjoyed your blogs.

    I've always meant to expand my list of links, nows a good time to add a few more.

    Thanks for visitin'


  5. RecordCollector: I just visited you blog for the first time and I like what I see/hear. I notice that you recently posted some Paul Gayten. I'm thinking I'll do the same in the next few days. Probably, Drivin' Home Parts 1&2...

    Anyway, I'll be visitin' again.


  6. You could always sell the extra copy to me (whichever one...)