Friday, October 16, 2009

My heart keeps wanting you....

This is one of four sides on the Alon label produced by Eddie Bo...all of which were recorded with Skip Easterling.

Martin Lawrie, over at Soul Generation, says this record is, "impossibly hard to find"....and I'll take his word for it, but ya know things do change and previously unknown copies do sometimes start to appear once the word gets out. So, perhaps a teensie weensie reality check is in order.

That said, this recording isn't heard that often, and should be played more often than it is. It's not only one of Bo's most beautiful compositions, it's also one of his better productions....and Easterling's performance is nothing short of sublime.

It essentially follows the same formula that makes the other Bo/Easterling ballad on Alon, The Grass Is Always Greener, such a jaw-dropper.


[Ugh, I just realized that the label is very difficult to read, the song is...Just One More Time, by Skip Easterling]

Correction: There are more than two Eddie Bo produced 45's on the Alon Label. I forgot about a 45 by David Reynolds, Cry Cry Cry/Tears In My Eyes. Martin Lawrie doesn't list it in his usually very complete discography. It's a rare item.

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